Bella Daisy is a F1 Goldendoodle with a lovely cream fleece non-shedding coat. She has been health approved by 2 separate Vets. She loves playing ball, swinging in the porch swing, eating ice cubes, going for golf cart rides and being our lively princess.  The sire of the litter is a beautiful AKC English Cream IABCA International Champion "Romeo", his parents are imports from the Netherlands and Sweden and are both International Champions. I was finally able to get the soft curl (that lasted into their adult coat) and not poodle coats as in the past. I had always wanted to produce the English "Teddy Bear Doodle"!  I was able to get the wonderful soft curl coats in cream to white with the blockey head that makes the doodle have that special "Teddy Bear" look and that is exactly what I got!  I am so excited that decided to repeat this combination ~same Mom, same sire for the November litter that is available to new homes in the 1st week of Jan.!  This will be my last litter of Doodles so please don't miss out! 

Upsy Daisy Doodles
Photos below are of puppies from previous litter that was repeated.  This shows them as pups, at different ages, as growing into adults and lets you see what the litter I have now will look like :) .
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Sire of  litter
English Cream AKC Registered, IABCA International Champion out of European International Champion parents
CKC Mama Bella w frozen tennis ball

LOVELY LITTER OF English "Teddy Bear Doodles" born November 16th, 2015.  

~~~This will be my last Doodle litter~~~

Standard size English Teddy Bear litter born Nov.16th! 
All have been promised to wonderful families and they are looking forward to joining their new families in January! 


Click on "New Litter" button to see what this new litter will look like :)
  Will be putting up their page this week.